How to make your own perfect liqueur in 10 easy steps

  1. Buy a big jar (at least two liters, you’ll be dissapointed if you’ve been making less)
  2. Fill it with the solids (60% for fruits, 30% for coffee beans)
  3. Add 300g cane sugar (even better: cook it slowly with water on a 2:1 ratio, with a few drops of lemon juice)
  4. Fill the jarr up with 1 litre of White Drinkable Spirit (White Rum, Wodka, Gin, Jenever(B), and use it smartly. Use rum for exotic fruits, wodka for coffee beans, blueberries, pear, …) It’s always best to taste a bite of the solid with quite a bit of the spirit, especially if it’s really yummie. The quality of the spirit may affect the taste of your liqueur. So taste and fill the jarr up.
  5. Clean whatever you spilled whille filling it up. You may use more than one bottle of the spirit, until there’s not much air left in the jarr. Don’t use pure alcohol, it’s not necassanary and doesn’t taste as good as this rum. Stir it all up, espefecially if you used raw cane sugar. Have a first taste of your melange.
  6. Place it in a dark corner of any room, doesn’t need to be a cold basement. Keep your balance while you do this. Feel strong and confident to be able to let the jarr rest there for a couple of weeks without even touching it.
  7. This is the resting stage. Drop yourself on the couch and let it ferment for two weeks. I mean the jarr. It’ll take three or four weeks for hard solids like nuts or coffee beans.
  8. Checkout stage: open the jarr and have a spoon of your close-to-liqueur. It’s probably still too sweet. Have a small taste every day. The fermentation of sugar to alcohol has to be perfectly completed. One day it might be still sugary, two days later it can taste like an unbalanced alcoholic derivative.
  9. If it tastes perfect, don’t wait any longer and strain it all in bottles. You can keep the fruits for an extraordinary sangria or mix it to a fruitmush for a luxurious dessert with a scoop of ice cream, or even a colada cocktail or frozen daiquiri.
  10. Clean the mess, because it will be a delicious mayhem. You can also lick the kitchen dresser clean. Never, I repeat: never pour anything on the kitchen dresser or the floor just to lick it afterwards. YPut the bottles as softely as possibly in the fridge. Throw out everything that’s in the way of these sprecious bottles. Clean up the milk, ‘cause it’ll be smelly tomorrow. Show a big smile to you gilfriend/boyfriend I don’t care but she does, to show you have everthing under control. Hide the glass you filled to celebrate your succesful brewel. Do apologise extensively when you drop the glass, and convince your partner that you didn’t know exactly it wass a full glas. Have a good sleep and if you still have the same partner the next day, serve her (classy and preferably a bit dressed up) the first taste of your homemade liquor, ‘cause she/he deserves a bit of extra positive attention.